Amelia Wilson

Contact Information

I have appreciated art and artists for as long as I can remember. I appreciate an artist ability to capture a feeling, subject or scene in his or her work and how the viewer identifies with the work and feels a connection. I began putting my energy into painting and photography eight years ago following a trip to the Grand Canyon where I watched artists paint in plain air. I really felt that this was something I would enjoy doing for years to come. Since beginning, I have truly enjoyed capturing various scenes that have sparked my interest, something that has lured me to pick up the brush or camera. I paint primarily with oils and find that working from life really helps capture the essence of the subject more spontaneously, though I do use photographs as references in the studio. This desire and energy has lead to many wonderful friendships, travels and of course involvement with Artist’s and the Arts.

Influencing artists include those such as John Singer Sergeant, John Stobart, Monet, Ivan Shishkin, Winslow Homer to name a few. I have studied and painted with Masters and contemporary artists such as Chris DiDomizio, Albert Handel, Johnnie Lilidahl, Susan Sarback, Armand Cabrera, Sam Dam Dambruso, among others.