Ellen K. Stein

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Non-objective painting is, to me, a process of transformation: changing a blank, two-dimensional surface into a composition of color, texture, shape, and line.  How are these formal elements incorporated into works of art?  Artists respond to this question in terms of their personal style, alternating between intuitive decisions and conscious deliberation.  The results are expressive statements that are visible and yet intangible, physical and yet emotive, vital and yet inanimate. 

The two main components of my paintings are randomness and structure.  Although these features may initially seem disparate and autonomous, they combine with one another to form cohesive patterns of energy that have resiliency and balance.  Multiple layers of color and texture interact within the softly geometric composition. The goal is purposeful - to generate rhythm and variety within a framework of stability and resolution.

To me, these paintings represent a continuum that is fundamental within our lives.  The cumulative layers of our experiences and knowledge fuse with the comforting patterns of our roles and relationships.  Our multifaceted lives are, in effect, a series of transformations.